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Capistrano- Lincoln Street Retreat Perinatal

The Facility

Capistrano-Lincoln Street Retreat is an apartment building with a central kitchen and four three-bedroom units. The facility includes one large classroom for instructions and group sessions, and an office for counselors and house managers. The facility is licensed for 16 pregnant clients and their newborns.

The Program

Capistrano –Lincoln Street Retreat is a 12-Step social model program that explores all 12 steps in the Alcoholics Anonymous program, with emphasis on the first four steps. Client’s attend daily meetings; find a 12-Step sponsor; and build strong sobriety support groups. Capistrano –Lincoln Street Retreat has two full-time CAADAC-trained counselors to provide education and counseling in such areas as

Our staff offer groups and classes that focus on

  • alcohol/drug addiction education
  • anger management
  • life style changes
  • medical obligations
  • legal obligations
  • financial obligations
  • self-esteem
  • relapse prevention
  • job preparedness
  • completing education
  • refreshing job skills
  • reestablishing primary
  • building family relationships
  • coping with child care issues
  • communication skills
  • setting boundaries
  • and related subjects

The goal of these efforts is to help the client adjust and move back into society.


The mothers at Capistrano –Lincoln Street Retreat are given a loving and safe environment for themselves and their newborn infants. Counselors teach the new moms the skills needed to nurture and provide for their families in recovery.

Our clients learn to

  • cook
  • clean
  • perform household skills
  • along with bathing
  • feeding
  • and mothering for their babies.

Moms are required to attend special education classes on how to provide services to their families along with becoming a working member of society.

Clients are subject to random drug screening tests and daily alcohol test taken on site with alcohol screen sensor.