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to the website for BRS Inc. a private nonprofit agency in Bakersfield, California that offers residential-based treatment for adult men and women struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction. Our programs offer proven 12-Step recovery principles in non-medical, social model settings. We have a men’s program (Jason’s Retreat); a women’s program (Capistrano Community for Women) a program for pregnant women (Capistrano-Lincoln Street Retreat for Perinatal); Sober Living and an Intensive coed outpatient program (Jason’s Retreat Intensive Outpatient

Lighting the Path to a New Way of life…

Comprehensive Individual Treatment Plan

When our clients enter treatment they are given a comprehensive individual treatment plan based on their individual needs. To determine what type of treatment will best meet their needs they will undergo a comprehensive evaluation…

Jason’s Retreat for Men

Jason’s retreat currently serves 30 adult men at a facility on the east side of Bakersfield, CA. Activities center is the “Big House”, our original two story house, it is where the clients reside and also includes a large dining room and community kitchen.                                                          More...

Capistrano Community for Women

Capistrano Community for Women is located in a beautiful large secluded house with a large fenced in play area for our residing children. The resident has a self-sufficient kitchen, laundry room, patio, fireplace and central air conditioner.                                                                               More...

Capistrano- Lincoln Street Retreat Perinatal Facility

Capistrano-Lincoln Street Retreat is an apartment building with a central kitchen and four three-bedroom units. The facility includes one large classroom for instructions and group sessions, and an office for counselors and house managers. The facility is licensed for 16 pregnant clients and their newborns.

Recognized Treatment Center

Sobriety Calculator

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Mission Statement

Jason’s Retreat, a men’s center, and Capistrano Community for Women offer safe and nurturing residential environments in which men and women can begin the process of recovery from addiction to alcohol and /or drugs. While providing an atmosphere of caring, with life’s basic necessities provided, we hope to give clients an opportunity to change long-entrenched attitudes and belief systems, and rebuild lives damaged by addiction. Our programs offer 12-Step based Social Model treatment that emphasizes individual responsibility and accountability. We believe that homeless ness and criminal behavior flow directly from addiction, and therefore hope to improve our community by assisting our clients to become productive, useful citizens.